The smooth melodic styling of “100x“, the debut release from Australian based producer BENTLE is as calming and comforting as a lullaby must likely appear to a babe in arms.

“‘100x’ is an introspective screenshot of the realities of expectations, responsibility and the evolving nature of love….exploring the context of two people acknowledging the complexities of love and questioning the picture of it that society often provides to them” BENTLE explains.

While we all seem to become embroiled in the chaotic whirlwind which is the festive season. A soothing piece of mood music is something which we may seek out in an attempt to rest our minds from becoming worn-out by the noisiness of indulging in jollities and partying. The solace we seek can be found In BENTLE’s peaceful, lamenting debut. Far from being washed out or too minimal, the producer has gone to great lengths not to complicate the melody by over-embellishing it with all the current trends in production. Instead, a soft sonic soundscape fed by woozy beats and a tender vocal combined with soft harmonies, akin in style to that of Troye Sivan, makes the release distinctive and memorable.

100x” is genuinely uplifting on its own terms. The irresistible subtleties and attention to detail of the track ensure it never dips below impeccable, making for an immersive and engrossing listen. As the dreamy passages weave in and out leaving its tone uplifting and unique with every listen. This is a brilliantly accomplished debut which brims with masterful strokes of musicality throughout. I can’t help but want a whole lot more of this simply gorgeous music. BENTLE is a musician who is a little off-kilter, a little askew, but nothing less than utterly beguiling and completely memorable. Wise up to him now, because I have a gut feeling he will be one to note in the coming year.

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Twitter: @Bentle__