Do you feel overdosed on Christmas songs already, because the majority of them were released earlier this year? (This is me, but every year.) Regardless of this week’s top twenty pop chart resembling a Christmas hymn book, fear not, there are still plenty of non-festive pop tracks being released at the moment. I’d like to fill you in about London based singer-songwriter Beauty and his latest single “Vulnerable.” A contemporary electro-pop song with notable R’nB influences and styling.

Starting out as a songwriter, Beauty began releasing his own music only a few months ago. You might have seen him already if you watched the recent reality TV programme “Little Mix The Search.” He auditioned with a rendition of Tiësto and Mabel’s “God Is A Dancer” (This was not a show, I tuned in for a watch of. Am I put on the naughty list? – (sorry I’m just not very into Little Mix.) I have listened to the three tracks “Grown Up,” “Die For You,” “Vulnerable,” Beauty has now put out. His silky smooth harmonies and pop sensibilities completely, shine out like twinkling Christmas tree lights. Similarly evoking the same sense of tingly, excitement. At times I, noticed a little resemblance to MNEK creep into the vocals, but only a touch, and this, really nice.

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Beauty’s speciality is his heart-on-sleeve lyrics. He particularly opens up good and proper on “Vulnerable.” He shares bare-boned lyrics about (what has become the songwriters most talked about topics of the year) isolation and loneliness.

“This song is about the realisation that I am not invincible. We all need human connection, and when we’re longing for someone’s affection, but we’re not sure if the feeling is mutual, it can really wound us and leave us feeling exposed.” Beauty explains.

Beauty delivers the single with qualities of command and vulnerability. The music is a near-perfect combination of catchy songwriting, transparent lyricism and pop. Beauty isn’t in the same league with MNEK, yet but let’s give it time and see what happens.

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