A bright new talent arrives on the radar, although she is no stranger here to the pages of EQ!

Eagle-eyed electro-pop enthusiasts amongst us might even remember way back to when this little lady was known to us in the first instance, as bright eyed newcomer Ro Danishei. Who later went onto form the one half of the duo Wrathschild with her ‘boy robot’ friend in pop Simon Curtis.

For the time being seems she’s out on her own again and she’s fully taking on her twitter handle moniker of Bad W0lfy as her new artist name.

Of all the electronic pop evolvement we’ve seen Ro progress through to this intriguing new landing stage as Bad W0lfy, I think this new style comes in as is my beyond favourite deviant into forward thinking creative vision that I’ve seen her enter into.

As the newly arrived Bad W0lfy, the debut single “Used 2 This” is deliriously on the right side of off-side pop thinking. Spurred on by a glitchy analogue beat presence which in turn gives the whole cutting edge track a mood of abstract pop alchemy at play, right down to those bendy moves she cuts shapes with in the accompanying video clip.

Of the video, my favourite bit of this though, is when Bad W0lfy really goes a bit bat-shit stir crazy and lets rip with confronting demons and torment. It’s pure brilliant! and in such a contrast to anything we’ve seen her do before. Love that Bad W0lfy is pushing the artistic envelope in all strengths!

Colour us suitably excited, as we’ve read somewhere (and we hope that this is truth!) this is leading to a whole album release. If the rumoured – shall we say, incoming content might be all coming out the gate like this, all wavy and experimentally assertive. Consider that we’ll be quite beside ourselves in jumping through hoops to get us hooked us up with an eager, early listen of it.

Whatever she chooses to name herself as an up-and-coming artist, be it Ro Danishei, W0lfy or Bad W0lfy we’ve been fans of it all. And knowing how much incredible talent is squeezed up in this one little lady, is just the answer to why we became fans of her in the first place, some years ago.