The Swedish singer-songwriter Andreas Wijk has caused a frenzy on, online platforms since he released his song “if i was gay” on Friday. In fact, even before that, the song was reaping viral success on TikTok. Although all of this attention has happened super fast. Since incredibly, it was only two weeks since Andreas co-wrote the song with Carl-Philip Ström.

Undoubtedly, we discovered the Swedish singer thanks to the emotional song. And yet he has released a ton of music already. Although, nothing is so direct and heartfelt as the song “if i was gay.” Where he describes the fear of coming out in his song. Ordinarily, it is this poignant and heart-tugging style of lyricism that sends a song, stratospheric in the first place. In this instance, a reaction video was shared on TikTok where Andreas played the track to his parents for the first time. This is what has created the sensational response.

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To explain the significance of the occasion. Andreas came out to his parents a decade ago. Having been brought up in a family with strong religious beliefs and a pastor as a father. The young gay singer has struggled with acceptance and using authenticity in his music. (A good read about this, Attitude Magazine have gone in depth on these subjects in an interview with Andreas – Check it HERE)

As a press release explains.

“Andreas’ parents have now, more than a decade later, completely changed their attitude. They approve of their son and follow his journey forward with love”.

Therefore, the song is where he openly expresses his feelings for the first time. And in a way that he had not dared to try until now. This is the reason this song, in particular, has received a Richter scale magnitude response.

It is any wonder Andreas’s lyricism shines in this song? He is experiencing his most authentic vision of himself in a song, ever. Too right that he should feel elated, by all of the feedback, but massively it is his family’s acknowledgement and love that mean the most.

It thrills us to no end to see Andreas Wijk enjoying overcoming barriers and such openness of acceptance. Feels like this is a new beginning. Therefore, I deem him an Emerging Artist and One to Watch going forward.

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