This lovely is Amelia Carey. We know very little about her as yet. Although, the internet tells me she is eighteen years of age and hails from Maidstone, Kent. She’s linked up with a similarly enigmatic production duo called AZTX. As much as we know about them stretches as far to say, they are from Blackpool, are in their early twenties, began playing in cover bands and graduated to writing and producing. Currently, this duo has been working quite a bit with the emerging singer, songwriter Apropos. After, she sang on a demo for the duo. The lads consequently, took Amelia under their wing. Signing her, producing and writing (along with Nat Graham,) debut single “Over You.”

First up AZTX took Amelia into the studio, where they recorded and filmed a number of cover songs, which have been uploaded to YouTube. These range from new reimagines of Hayley Kiyoko and Billie Eilish tracks. To the latest upload of a superb TLC / Anne Marie medley. Can you hear the musicality in her vocal as I can? It’s very special, isn’t it? So young, but pulls in a performance which is assured and feels as though, in the long run, ripe for commercial success.

Debut single “Over You” is very impressive too. I’m sure I won’t be the first to say this because it is pretty hard not to notice. There are shades of Dua Lipa in the earthy tones of Amelia’s voice. This track doesn’t sound like a debut single from an unknown artist, at all. There is impeccable professionalism coming from the production team of AZTX, in the way they’ve knitted up, alluring future beats and fashioned a super catchy melody. And Amelia comes over as an effortlessly gifted singer and performer with bags of natural, soulful talent.

It’s unlike me to stick my head above the parapet and get on board with a newcomer at such an early stage in their development. I feel a strong buzz of excitement about, what I am hearing with this song and the amazing covers which have preceded the single release. There is undeniable star quality here, coming from all angles, and where, all concerned have set an impressive benchmark. Remember these names, as I expect they will all be holding their own against other hotly tipped acts very soon.

Connect with Amelia Carey
Twitter: @ameIiacarey