Streaming history was made this week when Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” surpassed 4.6 billion plays and also earned the esteem of being the most viewed video on Vevo ever. Records like this don’t necessarily just happen by being an established artist. Even newcomers can spring up out of nowhere and reap success by the power of a catchy song.

Like emerging artist Alice Merton’s track “No Roots” which has secured a strong response in Europe realising 18 million YouTube views. An amazing achievement while released on Alice’s own label Paper Plane Records.

Following “No Roots” phenomenal reception elsewhere, the time is now right for the UK to get in on the act. It’s headed our way.

What I like about this track are the autobiographical lyrics which is reflective of Alice’s nomadic upbringing. Coupled with the rhythmically driving momentum of the bass line. It is particularly easy to become swept up by the chugging throbs of bass, as Alice’s smokily tinged vocals lead us to the tracks finest asset. The infectiously catchy chorus.

Alice Merton is the epitome of showing what a DIY artist can achieve if they first take the time to hone their craft.

Find Alice Merton on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alicemerton
Twitter: @AliceMerton