I’ve been exploring some alternative music lately and noticed a few emerging artists that are really making waves. One artist that caught my attention is alexmaax ( aka Max Hershenow), who was formerly a part of the noir pop duo MS MR. The recent release of their track “Saturn Return,” coincided with the duo announcing their winding up. However, Hershenow wasted no time releasing his solo offering, “100 Nights.” This is his first new music since his debut EP “Constant Touch” was released in 2021. It seems that Hershenow has more music up his sleeve, as the press release hinted at him entering a new era with “100 Nights.

100 Nights” is a beautiful and emotional piece about feelings of sadness. Max was prompted to write the track when his partner left for a job in Japan. “I was suddenly alone after spending the pandemic very much coupled up“, Hershenow shared on Instagram. I can sense the pain and loneliness that Max must have felt when he wrote the track. It’s amazing how music can capture such raw emotions and connect people through similar experiences.

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“I had written the instrumental earlier in the year (after an obsession with Robyn’s “Missing U”), and I hacked away at the song all summer, slowly shaping it into something that captured the moment and also helped shake the darkness”. Max further reveals

I have to say, his latest track is blissful. It’s great to see him return to the pop arena, particularly because of recently exploring more ambient soundscapes. In comparison, the track sounds huge when measured against some other offerings in his solo work. Yet is similarly familiar in keeping with the music of MS MR. Therefore, fans of the duo will undoubtedly love it. I am really excited to hear what else Max has in store, and I hope he has more tracks like this one lined up!

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