Aleem is another American homegrown, singer-songwriter who has been on-the-rise during the past year. He has also performed alongside Fifth Harmony and Little Mix on tour. Chicago based Aleem takes influence from R&B and implants it into a pop-sensible mix of catchy melodies and emotionally intense lyrics. While making music that harks back to an era of classic songwriting, and unapologetically authentic themes.

Many people would agree that the best kind of songwriting comes from life experience. Aleem achieves this bringing bold honesty into his lyrics giving listeners their own, sense of connection and release. Last year the debut EP “Open Letters” was released. It gave a good insight of the rising pop star’s multi-talents which, extend beyond, performer and lyricist to include roles as a musician and, in production. The accomplished body of work gave a taste of Aleem’s style, across the board from heartfelt, stripped back melodies to vibey radio-friendly tunes. But, the one thing which connects all these elements together, is a sense of captivating, vulnerability which is magnetic and makes him stands out from the pack.

The current single “So Damn Good” follows the trend and is carried by a pleasant dance rhythm that sweeps away the chill air of winter replacing it with a sultry soundscape of heat infused melody. You could say it is so damn good it will make you feel like you are walking on sunshine in the middle of November. There is no doubt about it, Aleem is a fascinating singer-songwriter who brings evocative and emotional lyrical depth to his dynamic of pop-sensible music. When you hear his voice, you hear his heart.

Just announced Aleem’s headline UK tour – ticket details HERE

Connect with Aleem
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AleemMusic/
Twitter: @aleemmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aleemmusic/