It can become a bit jarring writing about break-up songs. Yet, every singer-songwriter has at least one. Even emerging new talents like London-based AJ Wander who has only put out three tracks thus far, covers an introspective vibe, while taking a deeper look into his past relationships. While AJ is still very much honing his craft there is no doubt he rates very highly as a lyricist. Debut track “Time Out” has now gone over the 300 million stream mark. He clearly shows signs of being endearing as well as relatable to others. But AJ Wander is also much more than another singer-songwriter allowing his heart to pour out through song. The quality he has reached already makes me stop and appreciate the developing musicianship as a newcomer artist.

What I like about AJ Wander is, he isn’t afraid of having emotions and sharing them without oversharing, in a musical way. His style and musicianship are such, it is easy to immediately fall in love with. Settling on a comparative, the unflinchingly honest penmanship of JP Saxe, and the way he translates emotional experiences and human connection. Is the, best of weighing up the style in music AJ Wander is striving for. In a melodic sense, these two artists also share a lot in common. While watching the latest video for the current track “Eye to Eye” I picked up on this.

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“I wrote “Eye to Eye” whilst sat on my bed in the middle of the night last year. My girlfriend and I were fighting a losing game and we couldn’t pretend to be OK anymore. It was a moment of realisation, we were broken, and the pieces couldn’t be glued back together.” Explains AJ.

His track releases are tastefully done through all artistic perspectives, extending to the visual elements as well. He’s got the real makings as a stellar emotive singer songwriting force. He’s not at all like Lewis Capaldi. However, AJ Wander still exhibits an impressive edge. After checking out “Eye to Eye” at the very least, is set to be a name you won’t forget.

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