I am happy to be introducing singer-songwriter, Aaron Sibley, to you today. He has a mighty, good, track out in the way of “Smart Guy” that released a few weeks ago (and that he wrote in to tell me about). And I am impressed not only by his songcraft. The vocals and performance are masterful, soothing and executed really well, also. He really should be earning more streams. Since he is that worthy and exhibits an intelligent, well-honed touch as a lyricist.

Aaron permeates around a dreamier pop aesthetic than most. His acoustic led style leans into indie-pop as well as identifying with the usual singer-songwriter tropes. His vocal is gentle and mellow with a soulful edge. But by the same token also striking because he understands how to use emotiveness to his best advantage. That he both captivates and envelopes with his use of musicality in one fell swoop. I am glad he sent over “Smart Guy” to me as it is a bolder song choice for Aaron that embraces the introduction of soft electronic elements. I hope he continues to branch out in this direction because it is a style path that offers a modern twist and works like gold with his beautiful, affecting velvetine vocals.

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Aaron shares…

Smart Guy” is a song about self-confidence and being your own cheerleader. It is very easy to get down on yourself and lose your direction in life (especially during a pandemic!), but “Smart Guy” is a message saying ‘if you put the effort in, you can succeed’”.

If all pep talks sounded as reassuring and calming as “Smart Guy” does, I would be signing up to have a top-up, crash-course in life learning quick smart. Aaron’s, nuanced and subtle approach on the song “Smart Guy” evokes a sense of having a cool head while striving for an end goal. Promoting the idea that remaining composed while tackling the challenges life throws up will help with making everything seem less daunting. There is a lot of truth in this. And, there is a lot of talent, being showcased by Aaron Sibley on “Smart Guy” that shouldn’t be overlooked. He’s a great writer, a powerful lyricist, sounds great and I want to hear more from him if he continues with what he has started on “Smart Guy“.

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