Kally (17) and Tammy (18) Jay are not only sisters but are probably the youngest sassiest electro/pop chicks with attitude on the planet right now. Their debut single ‘I Don’t Like The Vibe In the VIP’, is guaranteed to get you shaking your peaches and cream or even your bananas – dependent upon what kind of fruity persuasion you are!.

This is a FUN little ditty that you’re gonna dance to at the office party once you’ve consumed lots of festive spirits – and a few days later it’ll probably bore the fruity thangs right off of ya – but it is Christmas after all – a time for fun, frivolity and frolics!

Electrowoman, whose a lurver particularly of down right dirty electro beats couldn’t resist the pounding bassline and "Luciana" (Body Rox – Yeah Yeah) style vocals. She’s been pogoing and shaking her peachy thangs to it so much that she’s turned herself into a fruit smoothie.

Go show your patronage over at the "Vamps" MySpace – where you’ll not only find some rather tasty remixes but also a fun little "Electrovamp" game where you can brush up on your pillow fighting, chandelier swinging and TV trashing techniques. TIP: I find that your score improves tenfold if you conjure up the imagine of the popstar you absolutely detest – in my case it’s James Blunt and it works well I tell you! 

Downloadable from 21st December or in the shops on New Years Eve, it’s not such a bad way to spend your gift card from dear old Aunty Mavis. In fact it’s the perfect tune to burn off your Christmas Day gluttony to, getting your bod all trim again for New Year – EW says hoorah for the gurlies!

From EQ:  Thanks EW for this one and check out Worrapolava’s blog on them last November!  We even hear Electrovamp will be supporting Booty Luv at G-A-Y on New Years Eve too!  Megs darling, I am expecting that you will have a good comment on these sexy ladies…