It’s probable you may not have been acquainted with London songster Ben Garrett AKA FrYars before. I stumbled upon "Olive Eyes" from his soon to be released EP "Perfidy" (out March 17th) on one of My-Spaceland adventures last week. Let’s just say that once my Extra Virgin "Olive Eyes" cherry was popped, every subsequent listening experience has been down right pleasurable.

This melodious offering isn’t indicative of FrYars other material. If you were to put essences of Patrick Wolf, Nick Cave and Royksopp into a great big melting pot – stir add a slosh of "Radioheadness" – well then you would have something that resembles the electronica/alternative/Indie stew that FrYars is really all about.

If I’m honest it’s a hotpot that’s in need of a little bit more seasoning of keyboard wizardry, but that’s just my preference – as I feel "Olive Eyes" is far superior.  Wanna here some of the FrYars broth for yourself? Well slide your cursor over here to be teleported over the the space page in a mere soupcon.

For yet more FrYars tuck, get yourselves down to one of Goldfrapp’s show’s in June – where this maestro of keys is being served up as the "Frapp’s" entrée. (Yeah I know the pun’s are real real bad but I just got a bit carried away!)

"Olive Eyes"