Howdy EQs – tis Mrs. Electrowoman here once more, this time on the sly hee hee…I’ve managed to crack EQ’s blog password and have wormed myself into his oh so lovely blogworld.  So whilst I’m here rummaging through all his heels and hot-pants, I’m tying to locate his golden envelope with the all important names of Electroqueer Of The Year 2007 contained within.  But whilst I’m doing that, maybe you will allow me to indulge you with a little electro pop tidbit that is currently cartwheeling around my crazy little ol brain.

Now let me tell you EQs there’s nothing Mrs. EW likes better than to partake in a bit of musical channel hopping and bopping before I snuggle myself up in my duvet for the evening.  I was doing just that a few weeks back, when I suddenly became very perky and alert after I stumbled upon this rather twinkly electro tune ‘Chelsea Girls’ by David E. Sugar.

Unfortunately Mr Sugar’s MySpace profile doesn’t give too much low down on the chap, but it does have ‘Chelsea Girls’ playing along with a track entitled ‘Fingers On The Button’, that I’m also quite partial too!Not being deterred by the lack of knowledge on MySpace, I went further trawling through the interweb and I’ve managed to unearth a BBC interview with Mr. Sugar (David and not Alan!) and I can tell you this:

Apparently he has been playing to large European crowds since 2004.  His early tunes were created by a process called "circuit bending", which involves hacking into chips and software in gayboys… (whoops that’s not quite right – correction: gameboys) …mmmm on second thoughts probably one and the same. Mmm…intriguingly sounds odd? – but really is rather clever.  Oh, and he toured this year with the Scrawny Scottish chap whose into "pop music but not sorta like pop dance electro music (That’s what Tina of Dragonette refers to him as) Calvin Harris. It would appear a bit of Calvin rubbed off on David if you listen to ‘Chelsea Girls’ – ha ha yeah!

Oh, looky looky here I found the envelope!  And EW is well excited as she now knows who is EQ of the Year 2007!  Oooh really Raj, that’s altogether a rather marvelous choice!  Take note EQs, EW will not be bribed to divulge the info – not for a bar full of Smirnoff Ice and not even for a signed Darren Hayes CD!  I’m off now to tidy up my window box, prune my wilting weeds and plant some winter pansies, I’ll bid you adieu for the duration with the video for ‘Chelsea Girls’ courtesy of YouTube.  – EW