Well it's that time again EQs…

Electroqueer@Barcode will be set ablaze in Soho tonight and DJ Adamix and myself are uber excited to bring this show to you.  It's gonna be AMAZING to say the least.

You know, this is our third club night and this music blogger has been learning a lot about club promotion.  It's a whole different world – exciting and very challenging.  It does come with it's fair share of dramas though too, so here's a little list of some behind-the-scenes stuff that has been happening to give you a little insight into what goes into making the Electroqueer club night a fun one for you.

  • As In RebekkaMaria almost missed her flight last night from Sweden!  Not her fault, some airline who won't be named went bust yesterday and decided to cancel all their flights.  Unbelievable!  However she didn't want to disappoint so I am happy to announce that she is indeed here in London and I shared a glass of wine with her last night to celebrate.  The night just wouldn't have been the same without her!  She's shopping at Beyond Retro in London as you read this!
  • Miss Antigone has a special suprise for you all.  It's a bit of an exclusive which you won't see anywhere else.  Well, you may have saw it already if you go to EVERY Antigone show, but even I haven't even seen it yet…and I'm uber excited about it!
  • Yours truly had to almost miss the party because of a work-releated issue which would have put me in Munich late tonite, but I sorted it out.  Phew!
  • Luigi Masi had to cancel his performance due to vocal chord illness – however that didn't stop him from commenting on the demise of Billiam over on Popjustice.  Instead we booked the lovely Dominque Woolf in his place who I am very much looking forward to seeng live tonight.  Luigi has recently put up a clip of "Strangers Again" on his MySpace and it's one of the best pop songs I've heard in awhile.  You should check it out.
  • Candy Shop are very excited to perform for you…they were even in the studio last night perfecting their routine for the night I hear.
  • We had a nice little mention in Time Out this week – which made me smile!

That's it – come on into London's Soho tonite for an electro poppin good time!   See you there!