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Nik Pate is one talented photographer people. I had the distinct pleasure of attending his exhibition at the ICA last month and after I saw his fierce and edgy photos, I knew he was the one to capture the frolic and fun on-stage at Electroqueer@Barcode. Nik graciously provided us these photos for all of you to enjoy. Should you ever need a good photographer, please get in touch with Nik at [email protected]. Enjoy the photos along with some EQ commentary!


Antigone brought her distinct brand of disco electronica to us and delivered the goods with diva attitude and an ocean of sexuality that left the audience going “Wow – Who’s that girl?”. More than a few people commented that she was conjuring up Lady Miss Kier in her performance and I’m pretty sure Antigone would take that as a huge compliment. Antigone performed tracks from her forthcoming album appropriately titled “Antigone Land” and opened her set with a new song called “Promiscuity”. She also performed “To Be Real” which has been getting a lot of attention with French DJs. Everyone was dancing when she performed her first single “Funky Dancers” and the crowd lost control when she delivered her latest single “More Man Than Man” which drops on Beatport on 14th July.


Madison shocked the crowd with his unique blend of fashion and club music and I felt a welcomed chill when he went into a beautiful electronic ballad version of “With Every Heartbeat” by Robyn. Madison also performed EQ favourites “Club” and “Iconic” which left the crowd entranced – You literally couldn’t take your eyes off him and his partner-in-crime Sarah, who’s striking presence commands respect on the stage. During “With Every Heartbeat”, Sarah ripped off her white paper dress to expose a blood red number which was just pure art to watch. Amazing performance by the entertaining and uber-unique Madison.


Johanna of The Ultrasonics was just fantastic. To my surprise, they didn’t perform one of my favorite tracks “Why You Had To Leave” but decided to do some new tracks instead in the way of dance-tastic “Love Addiction”, new track ‘Off Limits’ and their debut single “Perfect Girl”. Kudos to dancers Vicki Jackson and Zoe O Sullivan who were just so much fun to watch on-stage.


I’m so glad Paleday were on the bill. I’m a huge fan of theirs and although their sound is more disco than electro, they brought a very cool balance to the whole evening. Singing their disco-infectious tracks, “Cool Party People” “Bimbo (Funky In Your Disco)” and my personal favourite, “Eurotramp”, Paleday proved once again that disco hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s back and it’s here to stay and all those people wearing glittery hats in the crowd couldn’t have agreed more…myself included!


James Leon was so amazing! He opened the show with electro-stomper “Camera Shy” and sang his retro-modster 80’s inspired tracks “Never Been Cool”, “Nothing On Earth” and his latest track “Club With No Name” which I have been loving to no end lately. I was so happy to have James on the bill and it was quite apparent he had a ton of fans in the crowd and gained some new ones on the night!

Bring on the next Electroqueer Club Night and check out this cool animated image of the club lighting as taken by Oli from Cassette Electrik!


And what exactly was in the blue EQ goodie bags? No, it wasn’t a bag for sick, it was actually filled with cool CD singles and limited edition coloured vinyl from Darren Hayes, full albums by Doe Deere and albums and singles by Naked Highway! You even were treated to a free Temposhark download. Tre EQ!


Check the jump below for some other amazing photos by Nik Pate and some fun audience snaps!


“More Man Than Man” by Antigone is “more hot than hot” says DJ Adamis!


Antigone brings a royal bag of disco goodies to the show along with some exclusive advance singles. Were you lucky enough to bag one?


Madison and Sarah chillout backstage in the VIP area.


Another shot of The Ultrasonics having a total blast on-stage.


Our host with the most, Swany from Switch22 dragged me on the stage and I can’t even remember what I said…LOL. Check out these random snaps too taken by partygoers!