MarkowenWelcome to Electroqueer Spotlight – This weeks artist that we want you to sit up and take notice of is the lovely chap – Mark Owen.  Now for those of you who don’t know who Mark Owen is – you may have heard of this little band in the 90’s called Take That.  They weren’t exactly that big in America outside of being labeled one-hit wonders with ‘Back For Good‘.  After Take That – Mark released his first solo album called ‘Green Man‘ which wasn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it was a good effort at the time to establish himself as a solo artist. 

A few more years went by and Mark was thrust back into the spotlight by winning the insanely popular UK TV show ‘Celebrity Big Brother‘.  Shortly following was the release of Mark’s second album ‘In Your Own Time‘ which spawned two UK hit singles ‘Four Minute Warning‘ and ‘Alone Without You‘ which are stunning examples of pop perfection that you should go out and download now…but wait, don’t stop there – download ‘In Your Own Time‘ in it’s entirety because it’s really worth it….and you know you trust our judgement!  And if that’s not enough – Mark has recently released his third solo album ‘How The Mighty Fall‘ which isn’t getting that much press attention, but it’s absolutley amazing…so many good songs on this album that we can’t get enough of!

Mark’s new single is called ‘Hail Mary‘ and was worthy enough to be in our top 30 songs of 2005.  To do your homework on Mark Owen visit