We at Electroqueer are in love with Paolo Nutini at the moment. Paolo is a 19 year-old singer/songwriter from Scotland who has recenlty released his debut album called ‘These Streets’. One of the reasons we love Paolo so much is not because of his boyish good looks – but his voice. You wouldn’t believe it when you hear him sing, but he has the voice of a much-older blues singer. Husky and full of soul…and we are big suckers for a husky old soul voice. It’s amazing. Check out the YouTube videos below to see what we are talking about. ‘Last Request’ has to be one of the best pop songs we have heard this year and will no doubt make it into our yearly chart.

Discover Paolo Nutini for yourself…

Paolo Nutini – Website
Paolo Nutini – MySpace

Last Request – Video

Jenny Don’t Be Hasty – Video