Welcome to the first installment of Electroqueer Retro Rewind.  Enjoy these little retro diddys and let us know if this feature idea is something you’d like to see more of — theres tons of retro gems hangin around…

Here In My Heart : Tiffany

This is one of the reasons we put Tiffany in such high regards – she’s our favourite female vocalist of all time. We used to watch this clip over and over and over on VHS tape in our youth. Now before you comment on the outfit and hair – remember, Milli Vanilli were very influential at the time!

Romeo : Dino

Oh how we used to love Dino – the mullet and the muscles. We wonder what he’s up to these days…

Noel : Like A Child

Noel was a New York freestyle house GOD and we used to listen to his cassette tape over and over and over. We thinks someone should re-make this classic with a hot electro skillet.