Sometimes we really just have to write down these randoms thoughts that float around in our Electroqueer mind…so here you go.

  1. We think the new Gwen Stefani single ‘Wind It Up’ is a mess – kinda like Russell Brand.
  2. We don’t give a toss about the X Factor this year.  We stopped watching these shows after Susanne Manning didn’t get a record contract from Pop Idol Season 2.
  3. We love the Pet Shop Boys, but their new record ‘Fundamental’ doesn’t break any ground with us – are we missing something?
  4. What the fuck is all the hype about with Mika?  Again, we think we are missing something.  He sounds like a whiney queer to us.  But we do love Rufus Wainwright to bits though.
  5. Amy Winehouse is Shit with a capital S.  We think you do need to go to Rehab (YES YES YES)…and for heaven’s sake girl…eat something.  Did you see her horrendous performance of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ with Charolotte Church on the The Charlotte Church Show?
  6. It’s nice to see Sam and Mark are still working in television.  They have potential of being the new Ant & Dec.
  7. Where has Holly Valance gone?  Besides starring in some dodgy sci-fi movie…
  8. Andy Scott-Lee is too pretty for that Liberty X girl.
  9. We can’t contain our joy regarding Christina Aguilera’s new music – we hope to meet her backstage at her upcoming Wembley gigs.
  10. We love Nelly Furtado, but lately she has been coming across as a total goof in her UK interviews.  Discuss. 

And with this, we leave you today with a quote from Ana Matronic in response to a gay man’s wedding proposal banner at the recent Scissor Sisters show in Wembley:

"Honey, if I had a dime for every wedding proposal I received from a gay man, I’d be a rich rich woman.  Unfortunatley I am taken, but if I wasn’t it would be a dirty dirty backstage."  Brilliant.