Well this should be a little bit of online fun!

Electroqueer has just been chosen to be a virtual housemate in an unofficial Big Brother Interactive game that is taking place on MySpace.  We enter the cyber Big Brother house this Sunday to meet our other housemates.  So if you fancy it, you can root for EQ and watch the game unfold by adding a friend request to this profile: http://www.myspace.com/welcometobigbrother.  Once your friend request is received, the private profile will become unlocked for you to take part in the madness.

The first twist of the game is already in place where you choose two potential housemates to join me and the rest of my housemates in the house on Sunday.  I know, it’s a bit silly, but fun.  So come vote for Electroqueer today to win Big Brother Interactive or if you really hate our guts – then evict us!  LOL.