As your editor is getting ready to go on holiday to sunny Bangkok next week, we thought we would treat you to some Electroqueer Candy in the form of Paul Lekakis.  For those of you who don’t know Paul Lekakis, he had a huge dance hit in the 80’s called ‘Boom Boom [Let’s Go Back To My Room]’ which we loved.  Paul is out and proud and is also a spokesperson for HIV awareness.  Paul has never been afraid to speak out about issues concerning HIV and has even directed a short film on the subject which is currently in the film festival circuit called ‘Don’t Tell, Don’t Ask’ which also stars Dan Renzi from The Real World –  Miami. 

Video [I Need A] Vacation – Paul Lekakis

If you are interested in purchasing Paul’s new single ‘[I Need A] Vaction’ via digital download, you can do so at Perfect Beat’s website.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Movie Poster

And oh, what the heck – here is the video to My House from the early 90’s…oh how we did have a massive crush on Paul back in the day.