Easily one of my favourite pop bands of the 80’s…say hello to The Jets.  In America they were somewhat famous for their family-brand of pop in which arguably they were the best family band to come along since, let’s say…The Jackson 5.  I have no clue if they were big in England, but I can’t be bothered to research that today…

Most famous for their smash hits ‘Crush On You’, ‘Make It Real’ and ‘You Got It All’, The Jets were one of the funnest, slickest and colourful bands that kept on entertaining me immensely in the late 80’s.  Their concert in Yakima, Washington was one of the first concerts I ever attended (where my sister sat on my shoulders to get a good view).  I SO wanted to be in the band, but since the main requirement was that you had to be a member of the Wolfgramm family, my dreams were crushed.  So sad.

Nevertheless – take a retro trip to pop-ville today and re-visit some of The Jets classic pop hits in our little video vault below.  What is my favourite Jets song of all time you ask?  Well, ‘Rocket 2 U’ tops the list followed quickly by ‘Cross My Broken Heart’ – it has those drum machine and synths that remind me of some of the Madonna songs of that time like ‘Who’s That Girl’ and ‘Causing A Commotion’.  ‘Rocket 2 U’ was ahead of it’s time – funky basslines, little electro synth bits dropped in and the costumes in the video are just as fresh today as they were back then…check it out. 

Rocket 2 U
Crush On You
You Better Dance
Cross My Broken Heart
Make It Real
Private Number
I Do You
You Got It All

And if you were a big fan of The Jets, you will remember that Eugene left the band briefly to form ‘Boys Club’ with some cute dude who I can’t remember the name of…Anyways…Boys Club even had a hit with ‘I Remember Holding You’ which you can see here…ahhh such retro goodness.

I Remember Holding You