You know what you do when life gets you down – you go party that’s what!  Today the "Electroqueer At Barcode" team are all meeting up to finalise some details for the night.  I personally am in need of a good knees-up so getting everything in order for the night is proving to be fun and rather exciting!

The question we get asked most often is "So is EQ on for one night only?"  How very Dreamgirls, but, the answer is – maybe, maybe not – we’ll see! 

Here are some random rants all about "Electroqueer At Barcode" thus giving you the motivation you need to get the fuck away from your computer and move your ass with us on Thursday, June 19th!  Make sure to RSVP on the Facebook invite too to let us know you’re coming!

  • I’ve been promised a saucy routine from Antigone, so if that isn’t enough motivation to throw a party – I really don’t know what else is! 
  • Someone you all know and love just might be making a special appearance too…obviously I am very excited about this…
  • James Leon personally promised me he would be singing his stomper "Club With No Name" and that just makes me smile.
  • The Ultrasonics will be unveiling their first new single "Perfect Girl" during their set.  I guess they have decided to save sure-fire hit "Why You Had To Leave" for a release later on which is probably a good idea.  I hear they have some special outfits picked out as well.
  • Paleday are getting me rather excited.  They might even be giving away a few glitter hats on the night if you’re lucky.  Make sure you bring your platform shoes EQs.
  • A little birdy told me that Boyz magazine may be coming along to cover the night as well.  I might have a little laugh if I were to ever see myself in Boyz magazine, but that is just me being me! 
  • Madison has assured me that he aims to shock and is working up a new routine especially for EQ at Barcode.  Madison never lets me down in that department and I’m really looking forward to what he has in store for us.
  • DJ Adamis has been whoring his delectable DJ goods all over Soho lately and it’s quite cool to know that one of Soho’s finest and in-demand will be spinning quality pop, electro and house especially for us.
  • The search for an MC has been a little tough.  I had one person in mind, but it sound like they will be in Africa at the time…so I’ve asked an EQ Royaler to do it, just waiting to hear back – otherwise you’re stuck with moi to introduce the acts which will probably be fine, but knowing me I’ll have a last minute freak out if I see a hair is outta place or something – so better to have an MC!
  • And finally – after reading all that, you decide that you don’t want to come down and celebrate with us, then hey, that’s ok.  Expect loads of pics, goss and blogs from the night!

Life is too short for hesitancy or uncertainty people and remember if life gets you down, it’s alright to go party your socks off.  Let off some steam and some dewey sweat droplets with us at "Electroqueer At Barcode" on June 19th!  We better see you there!