One of EQ’s favorite 80’s electro bands of all time is definitely The Thompson Twins.  They were the first band we ever saw live in Spokane, Washington and they have a catalog of legendary electronic pop songs that are begging to be covered.  Their classic electronic ballad ‘Hold Me Now’ has never received a decent cover version (although many have tried) and their music still transcends very well to today’s modern electro/retro listener.  Just revisit some of their smash hits like ‘Doctor! Doctor!’ or ‘Lay Your Hands On Me’ and you will understand what we mean!  ‘King For A Day’ was also a the very first 45 record we ever bought, followed by Wham’s ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’

Some people hold The Pet Shop Boys and Erasure very high on their electro pedestals, but to EQ – The Thompson Twins are right up there with them and are just as important.  With all these 80’s bands getting back together – isn’t it time for The Thompson Twins to give it another go?

We are going to be covering The Thompson Twins entire career on Electroqueer in the upcoming months so stay tuned!  To get you started, here is a little video about them that aired in the UK which is hosted by Soft Cell legend Marc Almond