Marina and the diamonds 

By Javi Lopez

Hello, American Electroqueers!

Are you all excited? Electra Heart has been officially released in the United States and now we can all stan and say how addicted we are to it. PLEASE? Thank you.  Electra Heart's deluxe version for the US includes the flawless single: Radioactive, Sex Yeah! and How To Be a Heartbreaker.

Radioactive – is just as perfect as it is the first time I listened to it. We have all been slayed by it and I don't think I should get into further details. 

Sex Sex Sex Yeah! - Always sticks to Marina's style. Always pop, always fabulous and catchy. Doesn't the United States has the biggest percentage of teens losing their virginity per year? Well, here is another track you can lose your virginity to, kids. You didn't hear it from me.

How To Be a Heartbreaker – MY JAM. This perfect track was produced by the recognized Dr. Luke, and either you like, hate or don't know him – you will love this track to freakin' death. Solo guitar and agressive beats are waiting for you. Catchy. I am in love. Or At least I think I do.

If you haven't listened to Electra Heart, don't be a misguided Diamond and stan. You can read Panda-Jordan's killer review here and Watch/Listen to Power + Control and Radioactive.

You can also rape the buy button below. 

Electra Heart (Deluxe Verison) - Marina and the Diamonds