Yes, truly one of the reasons we absolutely adore Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters is because that gurl always tells the truth in it’s uncensored and raw like sushi detail. Our blog’s headline today is the response that Ana Matronic gave an Australian woman who left their gig early because of ‘too much swearing’ on stage. Hello! Swearing is always a top reason to go see the Scissor Sisters!  Well, that and to see if Jake Shears is going to strip or show off his underwear…which he did.

‘Eat My Fuck, Bitch’ is going to be on the tip of our tongues this week – LOL.

So last night’s show at Koko was amazing. Lil’ Chris opened (which we missed because the bar was way over-crowded) and it was followed by an amazing club set by the legendary Pete Tong. The gossip gangster himself, Perez Hilton was also in the audience!  The highlight of the night was when two lovely ladies (one named Tina) came onstage and told their courageous story of how they are living (not dying) of HIV. Kelly Osbourne gave a tearful introduction to the Scissor Sisters whose set was amazing.  The show consisted of all the usual Scissor Sisters hits and even songs ‘Music Is The Victim’, ‘Tits On The Radio’, ‘I Can’t Decide’, ‘Kiss You Off’ and ‘The Skins’.  Later in the evening Neil Tennant joined Jake Shears onstage for a duet of Pet Shop Boys classic ‘Love Comes Quickly’ which Arjan Writes has photos of.

The whole evening was very touching and we were so honoured to take part in Body & Soul’s charity event to help raise awareness that HIV isn’t a death sentence.


Electroqueer and BBoy Geri getting crazy with the camera phone and matching outfits!  We’ve been taking the piss out of Geri for looking like ‘A Clockwork Orange’ in this candid shot!