Those lovely Dragonette-sters sent a message out this morning to the interweb saying that their physical CD for ‘Galore’ is finally being released.

" For those of us who still enjoy holding a record in our hands, reading through lyrics, scanning the thank yous, and looking at printed pictures, (i.e. those of us who remember the joy of "the whole package")… well, it’s about to get physical.

The real 3D day-glo CD version of "Galore" wil be materializing in UK and Canadian stores this coming Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

Whether you still have a cd walkman or cd collection, or you just want to assuage your guilt for having a lo-grade copy from the offramps of the Information Superhighway, go out and get your CD copy next week.

Come…. Reach Out and Touch Us.

See you soon at a show near you.

Love, Dragonette. "

Yay.  We love the scent of new fresh CD plastic.