As far as I can recall I don’t ever remember EQ tackling Dutch X-Factor contestants, so first strike at that here with X-Factor Season 2 runner-up Rachel Kramer.

The Dutch lovely has just unleashed a cutie of a dancefloor number throughout Europe that is Doop, popping crazy with the upbeat colourful splurge of Bugsy Malone vintage.

I can see this being picked up by the clubs for it’s Yolanda Be Cool  “We No Speak Americano” revelry.  Oh, oh, it’s way, way cool, I wouldn’t in all honesty be surprised if this doesn’t ping pong it’s way across Europe and beyond before too long, and especially when the weather warms and the party nights get going. I’m going to stick it out there – “Dr. Dancefloor” could quite well turn out to be a staple party tune of the summer of 2013, it’s got everything going for it in that direction.

Come on EQ’s let’s see those jazz hands fluttering!