I had the pleasure of finally meeting Adam Tyler on Monday night at EQ Live and I have to say, he's such a cool guy.  I continue to fully support his upcoming album "Lullabies For Rattlesnakes" because well, it's rather amazing and you should all have your eyes on him – that and he's quite pretty too which makes that bit even more easier. 

You can download his new track "Operation" right here actually.  Take my word for it  – it's good and totally worth the price of your email address.  You should go get it – and I mean sooner rather than later.

Adam tells me he'll be coming back to the UK quite often throughout the remainder of this year and 2011 as he plans to do a proper UK assault – and being that his pop music fits our rather poptastic tastes, I'd say England welcomes Adam Tyler with open arms…he fits in rather perfectly, don'tcha think?!