I know I know. I've been going on about them for months on end, but the day has finally arrived for Tecnoctitlan as their debut EP has dropped and you can now download it on iTunes.

I am absolutely in love with Tecnoctitlan - they are definitely THE BEST live band I've seen in a long time.  If you want to catch them live (and you very well should) – they are playing at Proud Galleries tonight in London for their EP launch – if you are free, make sure you come check it out – I'll be there.

Need more convincing?  Take a read of their bio that I wrote for them below.  For those of you who know me, you know I don't get behind any old rock band (it's very rare) – but Tecnoctitlan really work me over and I think you'll like them as much as I do.  I completely believe in what they are doing in music – so take some time out today and download their EP – do it for me.

Download "The Feathered Snake EP" worldwide on Tecnoctitlan - The Feathered Snake EP

Who are these sexy bitches? Say hello to Tecnoctitlan (pronounced TECH-NOC-TI-TLAN). Once you learn how to pronounce their name, it will stick with you forever. Ariel and Milena aren't your usual electro-pop-rock fodder. Blending Latin flavour into a melting pot of 80's electronica with a rock chic flair, the Argentinean duo are truly breaking down barriers on London's electronic pop music scene. Whether it's the enchanting electronic hooks of "Be Togeda" or the nod to Britsh rock in "Keep Calm & Carry On", it's almost downright impossible to ignore the impressive sound that is weaved from their laptops, synths and guitars. Think of them as a more pop-inclined remnant of Nine Inch Nails and Yazoo with the relevance of Dragonette and Peaches balancing out pure exuberant energy the duo manifest. But who are they? Are they related? A couple? These are just some of the questions pondered when you see them live or experience their their music for the first time. A comparitive you ask? Tecnoctitlan is what you would get if Barbie slapped on a scowl and a grungy guitar. Imagine Ken starting to experiment with hairspray, guyliner and aztec accessories. The Eurythmics might even offer up a raised eyebrow. Oh yes, electro-rock fans – 80's androgyny has come full circle in the way of Tecnoctitlan – and it never has looked or felt more sexy. The Feathered Snake Salutes You.