Doe Deere really wants you to download her.  She gets a bit excited every time it happens.  She’s not really worried about you ripping her off either.  Her album "Supernatural" is selling very well and she wants you all to have "One Touch". 

EQ Facebookers have been enjoying the tune for quite awhile now, but as the casual reader of EQ, you now can download the track straight from her MySpace page

Doe had this to say about offering her track up for free: 

"I don’t have a problem doing this because I know my fans won’t take advantage and rip me off. Besides, I find the idea of withholding the music from those who truly want to hear it ABSURD!! If you can’t afford to pay for my album and find it on Kazaa or whatever, by all means get it!!! I won’t get mad.

Records are expensive to make, it’s true; but it was my self-expression and my decision – the one I’m glad I made! Thank you for continuing to support me and my dream of making it as a musician."

Awww bless her – EQ loves her even more now.  Go and get "One Touch" now and if you like it, make sure you buy a copy of "Supernatural" as well – it’s EQ approved and worth every penny!  We’ll be having an exclusive interview with Doe Deere very soon so stay tuned. 

Can you tell EQ has a little crush on her?  Sigh.