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Have I ever mentioned Shakira on EQ before – the answer is "no".

I dunno, she's never really appealed to me at all, which is slightly odd considering a like a bit of Latin flavour in my pop pies.  But this bit of news really struck me as interesting today…

Apparently the demand for her new single "She Wolf" is SO LARGE that a copy cat version of the song made it into the charts already so girlfriend was FORCED to release the single right now!  Two weeks early!

What do I think about the song you ask?  Well, it's probably the biggest "coming out" anthem of the year. Young gays and Twilight fans are probably dropping logs at the comparatives.  And Taylor Lautner - whenever you wanna let your "she-wolf" come out the closet, come give me a scratch ok?

Download "She Wolf" right now from Shakira - She Wolf - Single - I just did.