by Raj Rudolph

Let's face it, when it comes to Christmas, usually the songs are a bit too cheesy for my liking.  The music industry gets inundated with Christmas albums hoping to cash in on a bit of holiday consumerism to help make up for lost profits lost to "the new music industry". 

However, this track called "Santas Sack" by Mollyhaus is quite the opposite.  It's seriously gritty, electronic and even a bit overtly sexual and if you ask me, it's everything I want in a track, especially if it's one of the Christmas variety. 

This is the only Christmas song I've downloaded this year – I highly suggest you do the same too.  And if you haven't yet discovered the sheer brilliance that is Mollyhaus – I suggest you get caught up with them right here, right now.

Santa's Sack - Single - Mollyhaus