So for those of you who have been following my random rants on Twitter, you probably have been hearing me go on and on about new pop hipster on the block, 80's love child and perm-wielding Killian Wells.  I have been following this guy for a long time now and his latest single "V.I.P." is at THE top of my iPod playlist.  Not because it's like grounbreaking pop or a synthesizer dream, but because it's just pure fun, catchy, goofy and as entertaining as Killian is himself.

Killian is running a viral video contest for "V.I.P" right now and you can win some fabulous prizes including a giant case of COCONUT WATER!  Yes, you and your mates can lounge around in your living room for like an eternity, imagining you are on the beach with a huge stock of coconut water at your disposal!  So don't just sit here reading EQ, get filming my little music fiends!

Aside from making some killer pop music, Killian is also in the process of launching his own reality show called "Who The Hell Is Killian Wells" and it's quite funny, go watch a few of the YouTube clips of it if you have the chance.  I've seen the secret pilot and it's a fookin riot.  

"V.I.P" is now available to download on Killian Wells - V.I.P. - EP