Jason Downs is one of those artists that is strangely unique and awkward all at the same time.  He released two very good albums on Jive Records called ‘White Boy With A Feather’ and ‘The Spin’ that we played over and over with delight as they managed to get us to enjoy a bit of hip-hop infused with thoughtful country-boy poetry and storytelling.  Yeah – it was weird, but very, very listenable. 

So when we were pondering on what to write about today, we actually had to ask ourselves,

‘What the hell happened to Jason Downs?’ 

If anyone has any news on Jason Down’s whereabouts and what he has been up to lately, please do let us know.  We miss that white boy a lot!  So until we get to the bottom of the ‘Case of the Missing JD’, here are some of download recommendations and enjoy the little pic of him eating Ben & Jerrys and staring at the cameraman so seductively.

Cherokee : Our favourite Jason Downs song – picture this, a small-town country boy moving to the big, big city and feeling a little lost and confused…oh boy, can we relate to that one.

White Boy With A Feather : Again, said country boy moves to New York, steps off the Greyhound bus and ends up with a tranny who robs him after losing to her in a game of poker.  We can’t say that has happened to us.

Shut Up (Let’s Hook Up) : Jason gets frustrated with his chick who has a lot of problems (including her sick doggie and her missing watercress) and the only thing on his mind is, well…gettting her in the sack.  Ok – the song is more funny than it sounds…It’s like a straight guy anthem – only cooler. 

Cat’s In The Cradle : Yes, this is a remake of the Harry Chapin classic with guest hip-hop vocals by Milk.  This was Jason’s first single.  Insert weird factoid – Hey did you know Jason was also in the movie Hairspray?  Neither did we until we read about in Wikipedia today!

Jason2_1WANTED: Have you seen this man?  He was last seen eating unusual amounts of ice cream while rapping with hip-hop artist Milk and making brilliant pop songs.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Jason Downs, please get in touch with Electroqueer today.

We might even give you a reward.