Electroqueer isn’t proud to say this, but he has never really been into The Beautiful South that much.  Sure, they are a great band and many of our friends like them, but they haven’t had a lot of memorable moments for us since we have been been reporting our music musings to the world.

However, today we were listening to 107 FM in Bangkok and were thrilled to hear their cover version of S Club 7’s ‘Dont’ Stop Moving’ today.  We were like ‘Who is this?’ and ‘Oh, this is quite good’.  Then we had to wait through a snoozer Mariah Carey song before the thai DJ told us that it was by The Beautiful South. Amazing?!  How did we miss this?  Upon further investigation we found out that it is quite an old cover version done in 2003 or 2004 for the BBC Live Lounge or something like that.  Well whatever the case, it’s very good and it made us smile and that is why we are recommending it today for you as a Daily Download.

We are now inspired to learn more about The Beautiful South and sometimes it does take a cheesy, yet well-done cover version to get us to notice sometimes. 

And, we will be checking out their queer-ly named new album ‘Superbi’ very soon.

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