Will_youngHappy Valentines Day everyone!  Today we are sharing a treat for you…If you look hard enough on the internet or Limewire you can find a very curious version of Will Young performing the Pussycat Doll’s smash hit ‘Don’t Cha’. This isn’t the first time Will has mashed up a good pop diddy and added his own vocal styling to it…Will has even done Outcast’s ‘Hey Ya’ which in our opinion…is much better than the original <ouch>.

The fact that Will Young is singing this song is quite funny – considering he is an openly gay pop star.  For those Americans who don’t know who Will Young is, he won the very first Pop Idol show in the UK…and he’s a very huge star in countries that don’t really care if pop stars are gay (ie: Clay Aiken).  Electroqueer recommends downloading a few of his classic tracks, ‘Leave Right Now‘, ‘Light My Fire‘, and the heartbreaking haunt ‘You and I‘.  We wish all girls were as hot like Will.