She is the pint-sized Cornwall girl who just happens to be so talented that she won the second season of BBC’s Fame Academy here in the UK.  Her voice is just so magical and real that it’s hard for anybody not to stop and say "Wow – girl has a set of lungs on her".  Her cover of Tears For Fears ‘Mad World’ is WAY better than the version that released by Gary Jules’ from the Donnie Darko soundtrack and her two albums ‘Introduction’ and ‘Honesty’ are poignant efforts which delight our ears everytime we are feeling a bit mellow and chill.

Alex Parks has always been a little under-appreciated in the world of pop but it is apparent that when you see her live that she still has a sizable and dedicated fan base who appreciates her gripping and powerful voice.  Her song ‘Cry’ is one our favourite songs of all time so having said that, if you haven’t checked out the wonderful vocal stylings of Alex Parks, then do so in our little video vault below or her website.  And if you have forgotten about her already like yesterday’s news, isn’t it time you take another listen today?  Maybe that’s what it takes eh?

Maybe That’s What It Takes
Looking For Water