Hello EQs – Hope you all had a nice weekend.  We sure did.  We downloaded a ton of new music in which we will rant about below.  We also did some nice shopping at The Gap and resisted buying the Apple TV console that we really wanted…badly.  The idea of being able to play your iTunes content on your TV is a really good concept as we were in the market for a new living room stereo anyways.  We also checked out Whole Foods Market in Kensington yesterday too which was heavenly.  We are going to be spending a lot of time there on the weekends we thinks now!  But enough about our weekend – on with the rants!  UPDATE: We are bad…we just bought the Apple TV console on our lunch hour.  There goes 250 quid…

  1. Quick thoughts on Magnus Carlsson’s ‘Live Forever – The Album’ : Pretty damn good – it’s disco pop fun.  And we’ll say it again, Magnus is just too pretty.
  2. Quick thoughts on Lisa Scott-Lee’s ‘Never Or Now’ : Well she certainly has had her fill of bad press but we thinks it’s a damn shame as her album is pretty good for a pop record.  We particularly like her track ‘Obscenely Delicious’.
  3. Quick thoughts on Calvin Harris’ ‘I Created Disco’ : eh, it’s ok.  It fell into the trap of being an electronic album that is a little repetitive, but his new track ‘Merry Making At My Place’ is kinda fun.  Maybe this album will be a grower, who knows.
  4. The Shapeshifters new single ‘Pusher’ – Flawless.  Can they do no wrong?
  5. We finally bought Mika’s album.  Haven’t listened to it yet although Geri loves the song ‘Lollipop’.
  6. The Spice Girls Reunion – Not that excited really but we’ll watch with a tad bit of curiosity. 
  7. Our first blogcrush, Modern Fabulosity has mentioned us as one of his great blogs thus far this year.  Awwww…we’ll never forget ModFab’s glowing first mention of us back in January…it’s kinda sexual and something kinda oohhh.
  8. Loverush UKs new single ‘Different World’ feat. Shelley Harland is a tad bit infectious.  We have been humming it quite frequently lately.  Check it out here.  Certainly will get you dancing.
  9. We couldn’t be any more excited about our latest MySpace finds – bim and State City Disco.  We’ve been listening to their tracks all weekend long and we thinks they are gonna light on fire soon.  Scroll down to check them out and leave them some great comments ok!
  10. We walked past Royal Albert Hall on Saturday afternoon…wow, it’s certainly gonna be a bigger and grander affair for Darren Hayes when he plays his show there in October.  We started fantasizing about the night already – drool!
  11. And finally…remember this song…so retro silly – so loving it!