Strangers 4

Pop and electronica aficionados I beckon you all to come over to the dark side for a quick minute, as recent serial featured synth pop trio Strangers have turned out another quite brilliantly pop noir daubed electronic fix.

Aligning with previously showcased tracks “Sense Of Liberty” and “No Longer Lost” the band continue their ascent in the synth pop genre by presenting defiantly provocative industrial anthem “Don’t Lie To Me”.

Having exercised my opinion on former Strangers track features over time here on EQ, the gigantic name of Depeche Mode has often been given an airing of influential inference behind the layers of gripping electronic production, but there is no doubt whatsoever that “Don’t Lie To Me” is the bands most heavily leaning example to date.

In particular you’ll feel the arresting punch of “Personal Jesus” and “Enjoy The Silence” jabbing into the synth structure of this track. Whilst, akin to the high profile forerunners, “Don’t Lie To Me” capitalises on the grasp of it’s similarly enthrallingly magnetic disposition.

I am in for this, as I have been for the majority Strangers darkwave manifested electronica and now especially after hearing this, I am hoping wholeheartedly that the prospect of an album will not to be long away on the horizon.