Jeremy Fernandez3

Teenage pop star dreams could soon become a reality for accomplished child actor Jeremy Fernandez.

We are looking beyond the cute babyface folks, and concentrating on the music package of vocals and overall flair of performance, which I can report both are coming across pretty solidly having checked out the previous two releases Jeremy already has under his belt.

For his most recent release of the R’n’B pop orientated “Don’t Let Go”, Jeremy is assisted in collaboration with fellow teen phenome Cymphonique Miller where-upon these two merge to issue a resoundingly polished pop anthem with masses of across the board pop appeal.

This is quite the reassurance really for teen actor Jeremy, as when the cute dimples and teen chops undoubtedly morph into chiseled cheekbones and a twinkly glint in the eye, signals are that Jeremy is one male teen-throb who permeates with burgeoning potential enough to be cultivated successfully into another creative direction.