Probably my favourite artist right now is Doe Deere and I’ve recently discovered some really cool new tidbits about her. Doe has recently launched her very own blogazine which is really really well done. If you are an artist that blogs, this is how it should be done. Take note.

Doe’s blog is a combination of all things pink and gurly and offers everything from insightful interviews to DIY recipes for fabulous face slap like the pix you see above. But above all, it’s really eye-pleasing and I am just loving it it’s pink fabulosity – a true representation of the lady herself – geesh, is there anything that Doe Deere can’t do? I think I have a gay crush on her!

Doe has also released her stellar album “Supernatural” on iTunes now so for all of you who were wondering how the hell to get your grubby well-manicured hands on her music, it’s as easy as a button click – just search for Doe Deere and voila – your pod will be very happy!