robyn rokysopp

We haven’t a clue where you might have been, if you have perchance missed out on the fleeting and snippet insights between the collaboration of the two headed Norwegian electro maestro’s and the killingest fembot on planet pop, seeing as they have played a merry dance of being uploaded and taken down off of the internet over recent days.

Since receiving a radio premiere over the weekend here is one track of all out amazingness that we can share out to our hearts content, being that it is now here to stay.

The title track off of the up-coming mini album “Do It Again” is everything we were hoping it might be, with the accent on the main point being that is NEW Robyn for blazes sake! Not that I am in anyway dissing on NEW Röyksopp either, but you know it’s been quite some time that we’ve had the opportunity to show all out appreciation for Robyn.

With all the hallmarks of an instant classic “Do It Again” has Röyksopp and Robyn picking up where they left off together, at the top of their game.

If being able to stream and purchase this track immediately isn’t enough to already trip our minds out in a suitably mind blowing fashion, those mischievous Scandinavians have further sent out a mesmerizing hypno-bonanza of a lyric video to see that no music sensory avenue is left un-affected by it’s outreaching magnetism.