First off I wanted to say what a great night Electroqueer was last week! The acts were fantastic – some real discoveries for me and the turnout was excellent, so thanks to everyone who came along, and bring on the next one in 09!
I have a confession: I caught myself in the midst of doing a live "Pjanoo"/"What Is Love" mash-up on Saturday night.  By the time I realised it was no longer August 08 it was too late! It actually worked really well, but it got me thinking about the repetetive nature of dance music.  From the beats, to the structure of the tracks, the samples, and the songs themselves, so much is recycled! I guess that's where EQ comes in.
For me, the electro end of the dance spectrum is where it's all happening, in terms of production at least.  Recent excellent examples of electro reinterpretation of classic tracks include the Kam Denny And Paul Zala (aka Vandalism) mix of Ce Ce Peniston's "Finally" which has a hypnotic bass intro and true Vandalism electro-bass backtrack.  Also featuring heavily on my retro remix list is Jean Claude Ades' update of "I Begin To Wonder". The vocal ain't Dannii but you can barely tell.  And the moment the bass kicks in at 1' 40" gets everyone moving.  And finally, don't miss the original mix of Mr P!nk Ft Raina June's version of "What Is Love". I reckon it could just be the best "What Is Love" re-interpretation of 2008! Seriously!