Not long to go now until Electroqueer re-launches at our fantastic new venue Underbelly at Zigfrid on Friday 6th March. I think this is the most excited I've ever been about an EQ night, which is saying something. I have a feeling it's going to be amazing, so don't miss it.
I was doing my first ever nu-retro mix this week and realised I don't really know what it is. New mixes of old tracks form the core of the dance music scene, so how old does a track need to be to qualify as 'nu-retro'?  Still, I'm cobbling something together and I'll post it once it's finished.
Over to music that really is new, my mate James has written the lovely Amanda Wilson's (who performed at my night 'Popshow' before she was famous!) first solo single. "Spin It Again" is just out in Italy on vinyl, but you can listen to it on YouTube. Nice one James! 
Track of the year so far for me is without a doubt Sam La More's 12" mix of "Walking on a Dream". Whenever I play it people want to know who it is. Well it's Empire of the Sun, an Aussie duo who I love - check out their Myspace if you haven't already. 
And finally, I just finished an electrohouse remix with the lovely and talented Cassette Electrik of their track "No Knowing". It's playing on my Myspace - Hope you like it!