Welcome to silly season.  Head of this year’s pack of "summer hits" is "Paddy’s Revenge" – a thigh slappin’ riverdance horror of a track with a suitably cheesy video:

"I wonder if there’s any footage of Vernon Kaye and Pete Tong doing a comedy Irish jig to it?"  I hear you ask. Well, as luck would have it, there is:

Watch it, then sob quietly to yourself.  But wait – all is not lost!  There’s a fab mix by Cahill! Search out the Cahill Re-Rub Mix and restore your faith in dance music. Folk music doesn’t need to be cheesy.

Talking of videos, the video for Eric Prydz’s beautiful anthem "Pjanoo" is out… and what a wasted opportunity it is!  I was hoping for something as enchanting and spellbinding as the track itself. But what we have are dancing miniature native Americans. The giant cowboy is hot though.

And finally – check out my latest mix "Planespotters’ Revenge".   I did it on the flight to Ibiza last week. It’s got the above two tracks in it and ten more. Hope you like it!