Hello EQs…say hello to DJ Adamis.

He’s one of the masterminds behind Popshow and resident DJ/Co-Founder of London’s hottest new night – Electroqueer@Barcode and now has his own weekly column here on the blog. Each week DJ Adamis will be blogging about the “SO HOT” electro, dance and retro-reworked tracks that are burning up his record bag.

DJ Adamis, put a record on…

Eric Prydz’s modern-day classic “Pjanoo” (think “Strings Of Life” meets “Don’t Go”) is turning out to be the ultimate mash-up track – it literally sounds good with anything. Pay special attention to the Hoxton Whores Fusion mix. This is one instrumental that really doesn’t need a topline, but girlgroup The Scarlettes have done one anyway – the result is pretty cool and includes the line “I like being your slave”. Kinky. Re-record the vocal and you could have a big hit on your hands ladies. And get in touch if you wanna perform it at Electroqueer or Popshow!

It’s not often you come across a good Kylie mix, with the notable exception of the Pitron Sanna mix of “In My Arms”, and of course the Freemasons’ reworking of “The One” (out late July), but the Electro Soundz Mix of “2 Hearts” is proof that good things come to those who wait. Seven months after the track’s initial release, this version is full of thumping bleepy orgasms and I can’t wait to play it ASAP.

The massive success of Utah Saints “Something Good” really opened the floodgates for reworkings of classic dance tracks. My pick of the bunch:

  • Guru Josh “Infinity” – Klaas remix – heaven.
  • Greenpower “What Is Love” – Danny Cannizzaro mix – not as trashy as you imagine!
  • Haji & Emanuel ft. Erire “Take Me Away 2008”. Although I prefer the ’06 mixes – so sue me.

All we need now is “Mr Vain 2009”. You know it makes sense!