Rewind 6 months. If I’d told you then that Cyndi Lauper would be filling up the floor with the catchiest dance tune since "Hung Up", you would have slapped me. But she’s back and older, bigger than ever with a thumping retro dance album – best track of which is the enticing "Into The Nightlife" (check out the Soul Seekerz mix, which is pretty cool if a little G-A-Y). Loving the video too. Now all we need are some more mixes. ASAP!

Continuing the slightly insane looking old bird theme, ‘enhanced’ Russian diva Valeriya has almost broken onto the UK dance scene this year with some nice Thomas Gold mixes of "The Party’s Over"… but not quite. Her interview on Lorraine Kelly Live was insightful and somewhat hilarious – there’s definitely a place for her here. Just not sure where exactly.

Valeriya on GMTV with Lorraine Kelly

Now we know how Americans feel about Kylie…

Next week: The top 10 tunes of 2008 so far, so get thinking!