Strangers 1

Having established themselves with a strong synth pop sound the trio of Strangers round off the year and bring to a close their 6 month run of FREE DOWNLOADS with Hurts-esque resembling tune “Divine”.

Assisted vocally by Lou Bird, “Divine” serves an ace within the group of tracks, notably by its driving esoteric nature and overall compelling dark pop sensibilities that when bound together resound with a pulsating conviction and a suitably prophetically placed performance.

Through “Divine” you can certainly sense that Strangers have earned their alchemists stripes by unearthing the secret key formula in balancing, equal parts electronica, with a left-of-field pop element whilst retaining their signature sound. It is so devilishly good.

Along with the previous tracks featured in this 6 month pop gluttony of FREE DOWNLOADS, “Divine” plus exclusive content comprising of acoustic and remix versions feature on the imminent release of the “Close EP”.

So if you’ve come to have missed out on any part of the collection, you haven’t actually missed out at all it will all be available on the “Close EP” when it is released on December 9th.

With all that info, don’t forget to pick up your FREE DOWNLOAD of “Divine” via Strangers website