I am COMPLETELY GUTTED that Lucie Jones got eliminated from the X-Factor last night.  I usually don't get so fired up about this silly entertainment show, but I really hate it when good, raw talent is thrown underneath the bus for no good reason at all. 

Last night's decision, as always, rested with Simon Cowell.  It always seems to be Simon's decision as to whether to boot an act off or throw the show to the public vote and last night he proved to me that he isn't worthy of making these decisions any longer – I've lost any shred of respect that I had for him after last night.  Why is the final decision always with Simon?  Why can't the final decision be made by Dannii or Cheryl (or even Louie) – the show is rigged so that Simon Cowell will always have the final say and that really irritates me. 

Simon Cowell knew that John & Edward got more votes than Lucie last night and despite his remarks about John & Edward throughout the show – I quote "vile little creatures" – he knew his decision to go to public vote would in fact eliminate the uber talented Lucie Jones.

So here are the real reasons why Simon Cowell threw Lucie Jones under the bus last night…

  1. Lucie Jones was Danyl and Olly's biggest competition when it came to vocals – eliminating Lucie helped him get on step further in one of his acts winning the competition -  it's not about the winner is it – it's about Simon.
  2. Ratings prevail over talent when it comes to the X-Factor.  Simon has consistently slagged off John & Edward throughout the entire show, but when "Jedward Mania" really reached fever pitch this last week in the UK media – you could see the pound signs in Simon's eyes and suddenly his opinion changed from "vile little creatures" to "sorta good".  PUH-LEASE.
  3. Simon did Louie a favour – although they bicker on screen and pretend to be enemies – they really are good friends with a long history.  Louie always gets his acts axed first in X-Factor – that's the way the show unfolds historically, so Simon really was just doing Louie a favor.
  4. I really don't think Simon Cowell likes Dannii Minouge at all – Dannii has been getting favorable press throughout the UK ever since she apeared on Piers Morgan's show and the UK are starting to really LOVE Dannii Minouge all over again – this makes Simon look bad, so throwing Lucie under the bus was really a low-blow to Dannii more than anything.
  5. Controversy breeds ratings – we all know that a good controversy stirs up ratings and when Simon is wearing that "TV Executive" hat, he'll do nothing but make business decisions.  Throwing the show to the public vote and booting off Lucie was a business decision.  As long as John & Edward are on the show, advertising revenue will sky-rocket and Simon's show will still be at the top of the ratings.  This is somehow more important than Lucie Jones career.

So that's it – the REAL reasons Lucie was kicked off X-Factor last night.  To be fair, I must tell you that I have nothing against John & Edward.  I find them very entertaining and look forward to seeing them perform every week.  But let's get real here, talent should win X-Factor and when real talent is squashed into the floor for ratings and ad-revenue, well it's just wrong.  And if that's the game Simon Cowell wants to play then I hope John & Edward win X-Factor now because it will turn his show into a joke and in the end show him out for the ruthless business man he is – not for the fantastic mentor of talent he is trying to fool the public into believing…

Lucie Jones was a victim of being talented and not having enough PR or hype.  She's a normal girl with a great voice that deserves to be heard.  She isn't on the cover of Heat magazine, people don't find her annoying and cocky and crying all the time like they do Danyl, she doesn't get votes for being a weird quirky girl from Dagenham and she isn't cashing in on "oh I'll always be a pub singer" or "I can do this silly dance that will drive girls crazy routine" via Olly to get votes. 

She is raw talent (alongside Joe) and to me, Lucie Jones is the real winner of X-Factor.

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